Saturday, 22 November 2008

Exel today career day

Salam all

well today we went to the careers fair in london exel, and had a great day. this was  mainly for my son to get an idea of what he needs to do when he finishes his GCSEs.  he wants to do electronics and spoke to someone from the underground and found that he could an apprentiship from the age of 17 with the and the starting salary is around  £20,000, but on completion he will then arise up to around £30-35,000 which will be around his the of 21/22.

he also went to police and asked about what they could offer, and they were really good and showed him a side of the police where he could get involved voluntarily from 14 until 19 which he is thinking about.   my brother is in the C.I.D  and has also suggested other options that he can do within the police force.

well thats it and i have some photos of the trip there and back.

wa salam


Friday, 14 November 2008

westfield shopping centre

hi all

well went to the westfield shopping centre on the opening and day and i can honestly say it is absolutely massive lol.

we were there for just 2hours and we had only done 2 floors, but went back to the car as the parking fee is atrocious its £2 for first 2 hours and then £4 for the 2-3 etc. what daylight robbery is that as if they wont be getting the custom for the parking, the people in charge of the fees and car park area need to think more about the prices.

as for me i will be driving as far as hayes and then getting the 607 which stops right outside lol, cant be bothered rushing as you need more than 2 hours. will go on a sunday now and again, but mainly during the week as schools are not off as yet.

but i would inshallah like to go with my neighbor as she would love it and we could inshallah go and have a nice cuppa in the costa cafe, im just addicted to all things costa lol. starbucks is too commercial for me and the coffee is not as good. i mean you ask for a cappuccino and you get an enormous soup bowl of hot milk lol, not quite what i want, but i do enjoy their winter warmers such as the hot chocolates and lattes mmmmm, lots of cream please.

but for now i will stick with my homemade cappuccino as i have the breville coffee machine which makes them from normal coffee and mixes with the milk awesome i am now an expert on my hubby's machiato and my flovoured latte and cream.

well gonna go and rest as ive been cleaning all day and i have just sat down to write this and finish watching my columbo on itv3.

see you all soon inshallah
wa salam

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Hubby in morocco


well its now a week since hubby has gone to morocco, and i am so missing him.  i am here with the two boys mashallah, the good thing is, is that we can just all lay about and eat the foods that hubby does not like lol, and get indulge in what we all like.  

i could not beleive the other day when went shopping, i bought a whole salmon for 7quid, it is usally around 14-17 quid here in the uk, so i grabbed and froze it the same day as i know hubby loves fish and so i will be doing a great meal next thursday when he returns home, and i shall serve it on a bed of couscous with sundried toms.

anyway, i have done so much uni work that i am half way through my last essay   being finished already, thats a first for me lol.     the only probs is that i have not done too well in my past 3 essays and failed by a miserable 1 or 2 % each time.

inshallah they will let me do my them again, and inshallah i can finally finish my level 4 more diginfied.

well inshallah will write sooon

Sunday, 28 September 2008

last few days

asalam alaikum

well alhumdilillah we are now into the last few days of ramadan and we are now getting ready for the eid ul fitr gatherings mashallah.

i have to get a few more prezzies for my older son and so inshallah everything will be wrapped up and done by tuesday.  i am making brekkie of course and it will be a nice simple one with different varities of flavours to go with the pancakes that i will do, some with rose water, orange blossom and of course the good old chocolate and some cream will be nice.  

as for the night before eid i am doing a large meal with leg of lamb with mixed roasted vegetables and spicy potatoes inshallah.   i will make some dessert, im still inbetween gulab jamun, mhellebiah, or a trifle, all hand made of course no shop brought, i love making desserts.

hubby and elder son will be going to the mosque and inshallah on thier return on eid we are going out for a meal in the evening inshallah. i have saved for almost a month with just 50p,20p,10p. and so far have saved 37.70 which will make a great contribution towards the meal.

also this ramadan have finally set a donation for islam channels dawah project  to help with the all that goes on there.  i have also set up standing orders for muslimaid and will also inshallah help someone less forntuate .  i am also thinking of sponsoring a child but im still checking on my income first, and i will inshallah do this at the end of the month when i know i have a little extra coming and so i can use it to send to the orphan that i sponsor.

well that all for now as its getting closer to iftar and time for me to get the bits and bobs on the table.

so all take care

wa salam 


Saturday, 20 September 2008

the last 10 days

asalam alaikum all

well we have now reached the last 10 days of ramadan and inshallah they will be very uplifting, i inshallah plan to work harder in reading and learning more surahs.  as over the past few days i have lapsed, mainly due to the fact that my uni work was due and i am failing badly as im unable to do good essays, ive never been good at them, and there again the comments are sometimes confusing.  usuallay i good comments on my harvard system referencing and bibliography, but this time although exactly the same as before, was told it was completely wrong.  how can this be, and so i am now 2 essays failed and only 2 passed, so i am really hoping that inshallah i start getting good news.

well next week is laylatul qadr, and inshallah i will do some reading at home for the night,  and i cant wait for eid al fitr as this will be the first ramadan in around 5 years that hubby will either not be working or be here in the uk as he sometimes goes homes home to morocco, but hes not leaving until the 8th october instead and so we will be having the day together inshallah.

well inshallah will speak soon and inshallah you all have blessed last 10 days of ramadan and eid ul fitr

fi aminallah


Friday, 12 September 2008

Day 12

asalam alaikum all 

well alhumdulillah its now day 12 and its nearly half way through ramadan.  i am at the moment really struggling as ive had a sore throat, headaches among other things.  i am hardly eating as i am finding it hard to eat that late at  night and after a long day i feel sick eating that late.

so all im eating is a bowl of soup and some bread and then breakfast  in the early morning is normally a bowl of cereal and a good large strong cup of coffee aahh the smell of cofee mmm.

anyway i have also learnt 3 new surahs, and inshallah will begin my next one soon inshallah.  i am also supposed to hand in my essay next wednesday but dont even have the energy to finish it, and so i am really struggling now.

well gonna sign off and inshallah will speak soon

Monday, 8 September 2008

ramadan day 8

Asalam alaikum all

well its now the end of day 8 of ramadan and alhumdulillah its going ok, i am at the moment though suffering from swollen glands on oneside, but alhumdulillah i am still fasting.  if it gets too bad and i feel i need to take medicine then i will have too, but inshallah it wont get to that point.

last night i only slept 2.5 hours and so i went to bed at 2pm and fell asleep until 6, lucky hubby was here on a day off and took care of the boys when they came home.   eldest is fasting so not as bad as they younger one, as he has a slight eating disorder where he hardly eats, so fasting for him at the moment is not possible and is medically advised against it as well.

but inshallah tomorrow i will finally get the courage to go out on my own with hijab, as i usually only go with friends, i know im a chicken lol.  but i have the outfit already and waiting and inshsallah i will go out without feeling vulnerable.  the above outfit is what i wear at home or if im popping over to my friends house, but tomorrow  i am mixing black and white inshallah or i may wear my brown suit, inshallah well see.

well gonna go as hubby and elder son are due back from the mosque after tarawiyah prayers, and will now want their main meal after the iftar of soup and nibbles.

well inshallah you all take care and inshallah will speak soon.

fi aminallah to all


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ramadan day 2

asalam alaikum all

well here are some photos of me and my family before during and after day 2.  

i am finidng the days so far going quickly alhumdulillah,  at the moment i am not fasting,  will inshallah begin on monday.

on day one i made tomato soup, and we had slices of meat, cheese, some nice fresh bagguette small cocktail sausages and of course a dessert.  after my hubby and elder son returned from the mosque we had kebabs, chips and salad this was around 11pm.

we arose again at 3.30am the next morning and had parata, some cheese, coffee orange juice and i had oat so simple.  and then i went back to bed until around 8am and got up done some housework and went shopping  to pick up some extra meat and other bits and bobs for the iftar and sehri times.

as for day 2, we had harira, sliced meat and some cheese, and i made meatballs in tomato and onion sauce and served after the iftar, and then hubby and son went to the mosque again for tarawiyah which i think will be an ongoing daily routine during ramadan inshallah.

my younger son had to go to bed at 9pm as he had to start his new secondary school today, and he was so nervous he kept shivering mashallah. 

well thats it will write about other days of ramadan if anything else new happens inshallah.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Ramadan Mubarak

Asalam Alaikum to all i would just like to wish you all a blessed ramadan and inshallah  a wonderful eid if i dont submit a message before the end of the fasting month.

Take care 

Thursday, 28 August 2008

started podcasting

asalam alaikum 

well we have decided to do podacsting as a family lol, i have 2 up at the moment not very good but its fun.   

i am going to inshallah do my 3rd one today, and its mainly going to be about when the youner child finally reaches secondary school, and how it makes us mums feel and dads too.   

when you see him standing there so tiny in the blazer, tie and the rest of the uniform, it really makes him look even younger, its really hard to see him going on wednesday next week, and its come around so quick as its usually a slow summer, but because we were running around finding what he needs it has gone quicker.

i will post a photo of him and my eldest son and you will see the big difference between them although its only 3yr gap, but he towers over the younger one lol. 

well inshallah now hes going to the gym inshallah his bones will begin to stretch lol.

well gonna go inshallah will speak later

Monday, 25 August 2008

My weekend

asalam alaikum all

well on saturday i went to my neighbours family party and mashallah it was so nice, but i did get a shock when my neighbour introduced me as her bes best friend and such wonderful kind women, subhanallah i have not been called a best friend in over 20 years mashallah, i was really taken aback by this and i felt so proud to be her friend as she is so nice too mashallah.

i give thanks to allah(swt) for bringing us closer together, as although we have been good neighbours for 10 years mashallah, its only recently that we have began going out together and really helping each other islamically and mashallah its a beautiful thing mashallah.

well thats it from me for now just wanted to write about this wonderful feeling that i have now mashallah, and inshallah it will carry on being a strong one for many years to come inshallah.

wa salam


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Saturday, 9 August 2008

salam all

well its creeping up on us this holy month of ramadhan, now my kitchen and my whole house smells of pre-cooked foods.  as its now time to get the basics out of the way inshallah.  the samosas, the pancakes as well as the breads, as this saves time in the day when i can spend more time on my islamic study and in my reading of the quran.

inshallah i am going to start my quranic reading at the mosque soon now that i have learnt the arabic, i can no go onto the quranic recitation reading at the local mosque, well i say local its a few miles away lol.

this year i am also determined to do some prayers in the mosque inshallah, as my son is wanting to go to the tarawiyah prayers and so i will drop him and his friends off and insallah will join ht women as well.  how nice to have a son who is now old enough to appreciate all that is islamic, my 10 year old is at that stage where he is still having to be pushed but inshallah he will get there especially at his new secondary school, as there are so many muslims there and inshallah he will follow his brother into the prayer room at lunch times.

well gonna go and do some more freezing of the iftar snacks and inshallah will write again soon.

till then all take care 

wa salam


Thursday, 31 July 2008

another attempt by me doing hijab

asalam alaikum/hiya

well this is my attempt again at doing hijab.  the first is orange and brown which i like, and my son says i look really pretty in the colours.  and the other is lime green and white to show my irish side lol.

these i have just brought and inshallah will be wearing in ramadan along with my new clothes that i have brought as well.

i have a really nice brown stripe suit, and so i am going to look for a nice orange top, well not too orange maybe just inside the colour scheme.

well its late nearly 12am so i am going to bed soon inshallah.

wa salam


Thursday, 24 July 2008

My sons final day at Junior school

My son is the third green jumper in on the front row

well it finally happened my son has now left junior school and is now heading for the big secondary school.

We went to his last assembly yesterday and all the parents were in tears lol, me being the worst.  my son was crying even before he got to the stage lol, and when he had to speak, he burst our crying and again when he was singing a song with all the year 6 kids on stage lol.

i could not even take a photo or video as i was tearful.  so my hubby and other son took on the task lol, but hubby had to leave just as my son was due to receive his book from the headmaster, but i do have a video of it, be it all blurred lol.

so now i am trying to pluck up the courage to begin buying his new uniform and his oyster card that is used here in the uk for free bus and underground travel.

well gonna go to the natural history museum today, as i am not wanting him here out front playing due to the attitude the kids have, calling each other names and swearing as if its part of their vocabulary.

well gonna go got to wash my hair ready for the day and the next 6 weeks lol.

Monday, 21 July 2008

son leaving assembly

hiya well today is my younger sons school leaving play.  they are doing peter pan and he is one of the lost boys.  

yesterday in the newspaper there was an article about the man who wrote it and it is stating that he has supposedly murdered most of the people who helped him write it, as well as some relatives, so i dont feel so comfortable now as all i can think about is how evil this man many have been.

anyway will be going to my sons assembly at 2pm and there will be a presentation as well afterwards,  the whole of year 6 will receive a large dictionary and thesaurus to help them through the next few years ahead of them.

oohh im still not sure about him going secondary school, as hes still small and very sensitive, all his year are already 11 and he wont be until 7 days before he starts school, so the other kids are coming up for 12,  and i know these few months make a difference to  a childs personality and behaviour. as i was allways the eldest in my year, where i was almost 8 months ahead of my friends, this made a difference once we reached the age of 12 onwards.  

well thats me done gonna go


Sunday, 20 July 2008

New magazine received


well yesterday i received my new magazine from egypt called hijab fashion.  it is a really beautiful magazine and is well glossy.  the fashion ideas are great and is now a definate excuse to go there and pick up some of the beautiful outfits there.

i love the different syles of wearing hijab they have as well.  and i am now trying to do my self but not very well may i add lol. 

here are 2 pics of me trying to do new styles a little more practice dont you think lol.

well gonna go and read some more inshallah will be back soon



Saturday, 12 July 2008

my visit to islam expo

hiya/salam all

just to say i have just got back from the islam expo in london and subhannallah i had a great time, although i did not wear hijab, i wish i did but me and my friend were a bit nervous about travelling on the underground silly in know but, she has been attacked before on a few occasions so is very nervous.

but mashallah i brought some really nice hijabs from a sister with niqab on and they were only 2 for £5 and also the long sleeved tops with the writing on them from digital house and they look so sweet on and inshallah when i go back to morrow i will wear with my long jean skirt and inshallah my scarf as i am driving and will park outside, scary as ill be on my own with my boys inshallah.

i have posted a couple of photos that i took today as well, so excuse the no hijab one.

im just sorry i missed the fashion show as my friends who i went with wanted to go, so inshallah i will see it tomorrow.

by for now/ wa salam


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

younger son starting secondary school

salam all

well today my heart really sank, my son who is still only 10 is doing his secondary school induction today, and i am really nervous for him. he is so sensitive the slightest thing will send him into tears, and now ive started crying lol.

my big son has taken him on the bus as he has to be there by 8am, and he goes to the same school. i will be going later when there is an assembly for the parents.

he wont be 11 until august 25, and he starts school 8 days later, he will be one of the youngest and most his friends are going to another school which has bad reveiws and the school my son left due to bullying.

im glad at least hes got his big brother there and of course his brothers friends as they look after each other. and mashallah it has a strong muslim community there as well. they even have a special room for the prayers at lunch time and also a place to read quran and other islamic books mashallah.

so im gonna go do my shopping, had to write a list lol incase i forget because of worrrying. then i will have to to the school around 2pm to find somewhere to park.

inshallah he will be fine, he will be doing 4 taster lessons and P.E. well thats it for me until later.

he will do his last assembly play and leaving assembly at his now junior school on the 21st of july, and he is one of the lost boys in the peter pan play and i will be recording it as well.

but if you look at the photos here you can see how small he looks and delicate, even though his mouth is not lol.

well gonna go inshallah will be back later with some good news that he enjoyed it.

wa salam/ see ya

Thursday, 3 July 2008

getting ready for ramadan

asalam alaikum

well i thought it was time to get things ready for ramadan now, so i am making some bread that we use for breakfast and some pittas for our main meal after breaking fast. as well as some cakes and biscuits, as i dont go out much in ramadan as i find it too tirering as well as doing the house work.

so i have also began to buy the non perishable foods like tins, frozen etc.

i have also prepared my whole islamic wardrobe alhumdulillah and i have an outfit for home and going out along with all new hijabs and underscarfs. hubbys treated me as a nikkah prezzie.

so im all set, just gonna finish off the breads etc and freeze ready for the day of fasting, we also have a nice meal the night before to celebrate the beginning of the month which is nice as well.

well thats all for now inshallah will talk later

fi aminallah and bye

Monday, 30 June 2008

my web page

asalam alaikum

as promised here is my fundraising page for my run in september inshallah.
my webpage is as i said before the money will go straight to the charity of the NAS, and will count towards my goal alhumdulillah.

fi aminallah

im now an official autism angel

hiya well i got my t-shirt and angel wings today and so now i am officially an autism angel, and i will be running in the addidas womens challenge on september 7th.

this is close to my heart, as my eldest son has asperges syndrome and had quite a few struggles over the years. but he is now beginning to settle a little more, but he has a long way to go to being understood by others around him.

people just stare at him sometimes as he can suddenly revert back to a childish behaviour, and lol he is now nearly 6ft and people dont realise that he has a problem because there is nothing physical to see.

so i am inshallah running for the aid of the autistic society, to help make awareness and also to help any parents who are struggling with diagnosis as i know we did as a family. we were told when he was 3and a half, and that was that he sees a doctor every 6months to check his weight, height as he has had to take mediciation now and this helps to stop his violent outbreaks as he becomes dangerous espcecially to his younger brother, with whom he has strangled, smothered and even tried to stab, so yes he really needs the medication or i could end up with my son being seriously damaged.

i have a donation website which i will put up later, so if anyone wishes to donate they can go my page and the money goes straight to the autistic society.

i have an application on my muslimspace account as well as my facebook under email pinkwonda.

well thats all for me for now and i will inshallah get back to this page later.

by for now/ salam

Monday, 23 June 2008

My Nikkah Day

well as promised here are my nikkah photos taken yesterday. we had a great time and some nice photos were taken, have not put them all as they include friends who may not wish to be on the internet. but you can see me, my hubby, and my two boys. cant beleive how much taller my son is when hes right next to me lol, and hes only 14 bless.

well he had so much food and sweets it was unreal lol, my neighbours husband cooked a wonderful curry dish and rice, and we had the cake above for dessert. i bought the cake and the sweets and we were left with so much that we had palm half over to the guests who were leaving lol. so they went home happy with more food and cake lol.

after the nikkah the boys and their friends went over to my house and they stayed there playing the wii and some dvds, we only live next door so its ok and there was two boys aged 14 and so they looked after the young ones, while us women had our chat in the kitchen and the men were in the front room.

it was a wonderful day, and my neighbour gave a wonderful welcome and a delight for all.

well gonna go and cook now lol, had my holiday yesterday i did not have to do anything and so im back to being the old mum today, washing, cleaning and cooking lol.

bye khadijah

Saturday, 21 June 2008

ok so this is me in my new hijabs that i brought last week, as you can see im new to it lol. dont wear them everyday just mainly for the mosque and islamic events. i would like to wear full time one day, but at the moment i am still getting used to them. my neighbour and i will begin to wear them together soon but she finds it hard where she will work soon, as its not part of the uniform and she feels too nervous to wear it to work. the same goes for me i dont work but if i did begin to work i would like to think that it owuld be accepted, or the alternative is i work from home something i have been thinking about for a while, but not sure what to do. hubby keeps thinking abour ideas but nothing concrete yet. so well see what comes up over the next few months while im still studying my BSc in nutritional medicine.
well by for now as before gotta cook for my nikkah tomorrow inshallah all will go well.

one more day

well one more day till nikkah day. just a little dissapointed as i cant do want i want. no henna, no real party, but at least im doing the most important thing my nikkah.

inshallah everything will work out how it should, a few bites to eat and then home, no going out as hubby has work shift at 3am lol. i knew it would happen its just my luck lol.

but will be doing a party in morocco either this year or next, and so i will get my henna party and my wedding party as well.

well by for now gonna cook my food for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

well alhumdulillah my nikkah day is almost here. i have now got my outfit all ready together and inshallah will post some pics when i get take some photos on sunday.

i will be having a very quick nikkah as my neighbour has to go to a family due, so it will finish around 5pm and so as there is no one else to come we will inshallah go out for a meal.

looks like my henna wont be done, as i have no time to go and get it done, as its in town and no one can drive me home afterwards.

so inshallah will post on sunday after the nikkah has been performed inshallah and then update with photos.

well in the meantime i will be doing my uni work, handed in my last essay last week and have begun on the next one due in october.

see ya all later inshallah

Monday, 16 June 2008

My Nikkah on 22nd June

hiya well next sunday 22nd june i will finally be doing my nikkah, this is an islamic marriage, similar to a christian wedding just without the singing and the long 2 hour service lol, have already done the civil marriage 15 and half years ago, although marriage was only given 6 months by my oh so cinical family, mainly due to the fact that they can hardly stay faithful for 5 mins or even married long enough for the ink to dry on their marriage certificates.

the imam will come to the house and we will listen to the quran with some friends, and then the marriage will be performed.

we will then have a small gathering and have some cake, coffee, tea and soft drinks and then in the evening we will all go our for a meal.

i am wearing a white and silver dress, that was given to me as a present from my sister in law in morocco, and its a really beautiful dress.

will be doing some henna this week as well, but no party as everyone is busy, but i will have a party in morocco either this summer or next. yeeehaaa a real party lol.

bye for now

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

feeling selfish


i am feeling very selfish as i am feeling lonely and angry that my hubby has not even phoned or messaged me to see how our son is. he knows that he was unwell and was for a few weeks, and when he went he had a temp of just over 100degrees.

he goes to morocco 3 times a year and he usually does msn to us after a few days, but i thinks its different as our son was unwell.

im also hating the fact that i have now been stuck in my house for nearly 3 weeks, and i have no adult chat with anyone, apart from online when i talk on paltalk, or should i say listen.

well gonna go to bed as its after midnight

night night all

Saturday, 12 April 2008

hiya well my son is feeling a whole lot better, but refuses to go to his room to sleep lol, he finds it scarey without his older brother there so i have just left him.

im up late at night anyway on the paltalk room islam answers back, im usually there at night until about 1am when theres holidays. i dont talk on the mic though im too shy for that, even though i have a few questions i dont ask them lol.

well my son wants to go to pizza hut tomorrow, so will probably go in the evening, as for today i fancy a shawarma and will go to slough and get from my fav shop fatoush they do excellent food mmmmmmmmm has been long time since ive had one, due to a cut down on certain foods as im training for a 5k run for the autistic society in september, but im sure one wont hurt, as i will work my butt off working out as usual.

as hubby is i morocco until 24th i am now beginning to feel a little lonely, as im have been stuck in the house now for 3 weeks due to my son being unwell. i really need to go out, but have no one to go out with, i really need some adult company but have none where i live.

i would definatley not entertain my neighbours, they are all into drink, drugs and half the kids are pregnant, where oh where is the shame. i feel so out of sorts as my kids dont even talk the kids around here, as they tried to attack my eldest son all because he would not take a cigarette, but my son is a hell of a lot stronger than they thought and beat the heck out the boy.

so now they leave him alone and dont even look at him, as they now know hes not gonna stand there and take it, he will say NO.

im called stuck up because i dont let my kids play outside, no its common sense you are all dealing on something or other and im am not interested in that type of lifestyle i just want to be let live my life how i want, just as you do.

well thats me for now moaning on a saturday morning, as i know the day is long and not much to do. my hubby wont know where anything is as ive moved everything lol.

bye for now see ya wa salam

Thursday, 10 April 2008

so much for sleeping alone

Asalam alaikum all

well there i was thinking i would get a great nights sleep in a long time, as hubby is away and i can lie in bed as no brekkie to make. but no i go to bed last night and my son had fallen asleep on my side of the bed, why is it everyone goes to my side of the bed lol, even hubby in the day when hes resting is on my side as well as my other son when he wants to watch morocco upstairs is on my side was well. no wonder my side as a big dent in it and my hubbys side is still like new lol.

anyway i left him in my bed but moved him to his fathers side, and because hes ill i did not want to disturb him, poor thing has not eaten a proper meal since two ago now, and is beginning to look very thin and subdued, so i left him. he also finds it too lonely without his brother there to pester him lol.

but inshallah i will have my own space tonight and will spread my wings so to speak.

my brain is feeling all fizzled out as well due to studying, so i am taking a rest for the rest of the day.

finally made the tagine yesterday but my son could not eat it due to his mouth ulcer and absess.. where as today i am going to have good old egg and chips something i have not had in months and i will enjoy with lots of ketchup yummy. where as my son only wants poached egg with toast so thats fine with me.

well gonna go and inshallah will report tomorrow inshallah

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

hubby and son gone to morocco

well i have just got back from dropping off my hubby and eldest son at heathrow and they are due to fly out at 6.10pm. i am feeling really lost as when i came home it was just me and zak my youngest, as hes not well and has been off school for the past 2wks and is now on half term it hard as its too quiet. thats also why i go out when they are at school.

cant also wait for my olive oil, butter, argan oil to arrive when he comes back, and of course lots of cakes and biscuits especially chebbakkiya my fav yummy yummy.

lol cant stand the noise but i cant handle the silence either. well inshallah at least it gives me some time to catch up on uni work, although im well ahead on the next essay so should be ok this time. and inshallah my computer wont crash and delete all my work, as last month i was left with no work on my usb stick or my computer, so i had 3 days to write 2 essays one of 4000 words and the other 2,500 and neither of them will pass as the 2,500 was at least 700 sh0rt of words, but i have a second attempt on that one, but as for the 4000 one the tutor lost my first hand in and so i was told it was classed as unmarked, and so my last handin was my 2nd attempt so i am really hoping that inshallah it does ok and at least gets the 40% i need. where as the second one is my first attempt so i can now keep working on it to get it right.

well thats me gonna do a small chicken tagine for me and my son tonight, although he cant eat due to the infection he has inside his mouth from the all the sickness and dia... he had poor thing, was 4 days straight being sick and is now unable to eat still, is just chomping on pot noodles and milk lol.

well inshallah will speak soon everyone take care

Sunday, 6 April 2008

well hiya i am now on a training course for the ladies adidas london run in sept 08. i will be running for the national autistic society and i will be an autism angel, i cant wait as this will be my fist marathon run in many years.

my son has however moved secondary schools, and is doing so well is unreal, he is more positive in his outlook on life, is no longer feeling lonely as he is now among so many friends and has a good circle that he is involved with. he is also involved in basketball and practices with them every saturday and also does the trials which are on a sunday once a month.

he is even doing his homework, he comes home from school and goes straight to his room to work on his sats which are due in may. he is on a level between 7 and 8 for maths and 6 for science his english has gone down due to being out of school for so long, but is catching up and i hope for some good results.

he has also just chosen his options and is hoping to do engineering as well his extras maybe the geopgraphy and history. so well see what he gets to do.

well thats is for now as hes off to morocco with his dad for 15 days to see his other family releies on his dads side. should be a good holiday for him as hes not been in 4 years and when they last saw him he was 10 and now hes 14 and is 5ft11ins and so grown up its scary, so they will be very shocked at his change.

ok enjoy your sunday and have a great roast lol

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

new school for my son

Finally after fighting with the school and the education board my son was offered a place at a school near us in november of last year.

He was told that there were no places available at the school during meetings and that he has to return to Uxbridge High, yeah right im really gonna send him back to you lot so he can become a statistic who has decided suicide is better than putting up with that crap.

so i contacted the school myself and within 4 weeks he was at his new school. and he has really setteled in well, he has really changed and is so motivated now, he cant wait to go to school and he has made so many new friends.

now hes at the stage of choosing his options, and he is really stuck as he enoys the lessons and the teachers are so patient with the pupils, which is why the students probably do well.

well got to go to the year 9 options evening today to get the info on what it all entails and what he has to do once he has chosen his subjects. i know one of them wont be art lol, he hates this lesson just as i did lol. but he choosing the subjects so far that i done and loved, which is weird.

well gonna go and ready for the meeting speak soon.