Wednesday, 10 June 2009

twilight obsessed

ok i have to admit it im absolutely obsessed with the whole twilight saga, i have all the books and in my spare time after learning new surahs i treat myself to a nice long read of my twilight books. i cant beleive that it only took me 4 days to read them first time round. but now i take my time after reading them at least 7 times each lol.

i have also collected lots memorabilia which is safely put away in my little chest of goodies lol. i am going to the new moon premiere in october with some other oldies from around the uk, i am a member of the twilightsaga website forum and i go on there to get mydaily fix, we have a good laugh at leaving little messages in the shout boxes, as well as answering and watching trailers and questions. theres a good mix of all ages which makes it even better.

i am literally driving my hubby and boys mad with my twilight everything obsession lol, as long as it does not interfere in my daily chores and my islamic learning i will enjoy something outside of the norm which helps me to relax my mind at a long hard day.