Wednesday, 9 April 2008

hubby and son gone to morocco

well i have just got back from dropping off my hubby and eldest son at heathrow and they are due to fly out at 6.10pm. i am feeling really lost as when i came home it was just me and zak my youngest, as hes not well and has been off school for the past 2wks and is now on half term it hard as its too quiet. thats also why i go out when they are at school.

cant also wait for my olive oil, butter, argan oil to arrive when he comes back, and of course lots of cakes and biscuits especially chebbakkiya my fav yummy yummy.

lol cant stand the noise but i cant handle the silence either. well inshallah at least it gives me some time to catch up on uni work, although im well ahead on the next essay so should be ok this time. and inshallah my computer wont crash and delete all my work, as last month i was left with no work on my usb stick or my computer, so i had 3 days to write 2 essays one of 4000 words and the other 2,500 and neither of them will pass as the 2,500 was at least 700 sh0rt of words, but i have a second attempt on that one, but as for the 4000 one the tutor lost my first hand in and so i was told it was classed as unmarked, and so my last handin was my 2nd attempt so i am really hoping that inshallah it does ok and at least gets the 40% i need. where as the second one is my first attempt so i can now keep working on it to get it right.

well thats me gonna do a small chicken tagine for me and my son tonight, although he cant eat due to the infection he has inside his mouth from the all the sickness and dia... he had poor thing, was 4 days straight being sick and is now unable to eat still, is just chomping on pot noodles and milk lol.

well inshallah will speak soon everyone take care

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