Monday, 30 June 2008

im now an official autism angel

hiya well i got my t-shirt and angel wings today and so now i am officially an autism angel, and i will be running in the addidas womens challenge on september 7th.

this is close to my heart, as my eldest son has asperges syndrome and had quite a few struggles over the years. but he is now beginning to settle a little more, but he has a long way to go to being understood by others around him.

people just stare at him sometimes as he can suddenly revert back to a childish behaviour, and lol he is now nearly 6ft and people dont realise that he has a problem because there is nothing physical to see.

so i am inshallah running for the aid of the autistic society, to help make awareness and also to help any parents who are struggling with diagnosis as i know we did as a family. we were told when he was 3and a half, and that was that he sees a doctor every 6months to check his weight, height as he has had to take mediciation now and this helps to stop his violent outbreaks as he becomes dangerous espcecially to his younger brother, with whom he has strangled, smothered and even tried to stab, so yes he really needs the medication or i could end up with my son being seriously damaged.

i have a donation website which i will put up later, so if anyone wishes to donate they can go my page and the money goes straight to the autistic society.

i have an application on my muslimspace account as well as my facebook under email pinkwonda.

well thats all for me for now and i will inshallah get back to this page later.

by for now/ salam


ammena said...

salam, be sure to post the donation page. I would like to help in some way... and Im keepin u in my duaa too insha'allah. Will you be wearing hijab while running? such good dawah masha'allah. when is it sis? take care

pink_marshmallow said...

salam sis it is being held at hyde park london inshallah on 7th september and it being ramadan not many sisters will attend, and i will inshallah be wearing hijab and i have orderd the extra large t-shirt with autism angel on the front and back.

so this will be very baggy inshallah as ive tried on today and is very large indeed lol.

so inshallah look forward to seeing you on my web page.

wa salam