Tuesday, 8 July 2008

younger son starting secondary school

salam all

well today my heart really sank, my son who is still only 10 is doing his secondary school induction today, and i am really nervous for him. he is so sensitive the slightest thing will send him into tears, and now ive started crying lol.

my big son has taken him on the bus as he has to be there by 8am, and he goes to the same school. i will be going later when there is an assembly for the parents.

he wont be 11 until august 25, and he starts school 8 days later, he will be one of the youngest and most his friends are going to another school which has bad reveiws and the school my son left due to bullying.

im glad at least hes got his big brother there and of course his brothers friends as they look after each other. and mashallah it has a strong muslim community there as well. they even have a special room for the prayers at lunch time and also a place to read quran and other islamic books mashallah.

so im gonna go do my shopping, had to write a list lol incase i forget because of worrrying. then i will have to to the school around 2pm to find somewhere to park.

inshallah he will be fine, he will be doing 4 taster lessons and P.E. well thats it for me until later.

he will do his last assembly play and leaving assembly at his now junior school on the 21st of july, and he is one of the lost boys in the peter pan play and i will be recording it as well.

but if you look at the photos here you can see how small he looks and delicate, even though his mouth is not lol.

well gonna go inshallah will be back later with some good news that he enjoyed it.

wa salam/ see ya

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