Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ramadan day 2

asalam alaikum all

well here are some photos of me and my family before during and after day 2.  

i am finidng the days so far going quickly alhumdulillah,  at the moment i am not fasting,  will inshallah begin on monday.

on day one i made tomato soup, and we had slices of meat, cheese, some nice fresh bagguette small cocktail sausages and of course a dessert.  after my hubby and elder son returned from the mosque we had kebabs, chips and salad this was around 11pm.

we arose again at 3.30am the next morning and had parata, some cheese, coffee orange juice and i had oat so simple.  and then i went back to bed until around 8am and got up done some housework and went shopping  to pick up some extra meat and other bits and bobs for the iftar and sehri times.

as for day 2, we had harira, sliced meat and some cheese, and i made meatballs in tomato and onion sauce and served after the iftar, and then hubby and son went to the mosque again for tarawiyah which i think will be an ongoing daily routine during ramadan inshallah.

my younger son had to go to bed at 9pm as he had to start his new secondary school today, and he was so nervous he kept shivering mashallah. 

well thats it will write about other days of ramadan if anything else new happens inshallah.

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ammena said...

:) bless... wow, you are getting little sleep there sis. How do u cope??