Sunday, 6 April 2008

well hiya i am now on a training course for the ladies adidas london run in sept 08. i will be running for the national autistic society and i will be an autism angel, i cant wait as this will be my fist marathon run in many years.

my son has however moved secondary schools, and is doing so well is unreal, he is more positive in his outlook on life, is no longer feeling lonely as he is now among so many friends and has a good circle that he is involved with. he is also involved in basketball and practices with them every saturday and also does the trials which are on a sunday once a month.

he is even doing his homework, he comes home from school and goes straight to his room to work on his sats which are due in may. he is on a level between 7 and 8 for maths and 6 for science his english has gone down due to being out of school for so long, but is catching up and i hope for some good results.

he has also just chosen his options and is hoping to do engineering as well his extras maybe the geopgraphy and history. so well see what he gets to do.

well thats is for now as hes off to morocco with his dad for 15 days to see his other family releies on his dads side. should be a good holiday for him as hes not been in 4 years and when they last saw him he was 10 and now hes 14 and is 5ft11ins and so grown up its scary, so they will be very shocked at his change.

ok enjoy your sunday and have a great roast lol

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