Monday, 8 September 2008

ramadan day 8

Asalam alaikum all

well its now the end of day 8 of ramadan and alhumdulillah its going ok, i am at the moment though suffering from swollen glands on oneside, but alhumdulillah i am still fasting.  if it gets too bad and i feel i need to take medicine then i will have too, but inshallah it wont get to that point.

last night i only slept 2.5 hours and so i went to bed at 2pm and fell asleep until 6, lucky hubby was here on a day off and took care of the boys when they came home.   eldest is fasting so not as bad as they younger one, as he has a slight eating disorder where he hardly eats, so fasting for him at the moment is not possible and is medically advised against it as well.

but inshallah tomorrow i will finally get the courage to go out on my own with hijab, as i usually only go with friends, i know im a chicken lol.  but i have the outfit already and waiting and inshsallah i will go out without feeling vulnerable.  the above outfit is what i wear at home or if im popping over to my friends house, but tomorrow  i am mixing black and white inshallah or i may wear my brown suit, inshallah well see.

well gonna go as hubby and elder son are due back from the mosque after tarawiyah prayers, and will now want their main meal after the iftar of soup and nibbles.

well inshallah you all take care and inshallah will speak soon.

fi aminallah to all


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