Tuesday, 15 April 2008

feeling selfish


i am feeling very selfish as i am feeling lonely and angry that my hubby has not even phoned or messaged me to see how our son is. he knows that he was unwell and was for a few weeks, and when he went he had a temp of just over 100degrees.

he goes to morocco 3 times a year and he usually does msn to us after a few days, but i thinks its different as our son was unwell.

im also hating the fact that i have now been stuck in my house for nearly 3 weeks, and i have no adult chat with anyone, apart from online when i talk on paltalk, or should i say listen.

well gonna go to bed as its after midnight

night night all


ammena said...

sis... im always around on msn!!! why not chat with me? ask me questions.. u know, like we used to! We all need those types of friends.

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

Your feelings are valid, they're not selfish. Insha Allah he'll call soon and you'll be able to tell him that your sweet child is feeling better. You take it easy dear.

Jana's Journeys said...

I don't know anything about your situation except what you wrote, but can't you call your husband??? Also why are you stuck inside all day, even a short walk to a park can make you feel more relaxed and so much better inshAllah
take care