Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My late night decision to go and see the new years fireworks, I took a video version but not all recorded why I dont know but the photos look ok just a little wobbly as people were walking by and pushing so i dont the best I could with the shaky surroundings.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Being Me Conference

Asalam Alaikum to everyone

today i was at the Being Me conference in London just for sisters and it was a  great day. I brought a new abaya, some nice bangles and I also purchased the Al Kauthar 2 day course.

The speakers were good and im sure inspired some sisters immensely.

Now im home and my younger son has decided to make doughtnuts and the house smells of burnt cooking lol, alhumdulillah he tried ;-)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Hubby and hijab

Well its been long enough that i have listened to my hubby about why i should not wear hijab, but its never anything concrete except youll find it hard to get a job, why now its a bit late etc. I have noticed than when i do wear hijab he cant look me straight in the face and it does upset me that i feel im compromising my beliefs and wants for his approval. I love my hubby dearly but feel i am not moving on in my islamic way of life as we have different mind sets. Inshallah i pray for him to say to me please wear the hijab, but i know this will never happen. I feel stuck in a rut and nowhere to turn, even my sons are asking him why and hubby wont even talk about it he just walks off or ignores us. Inshallah gonna take the hijab in ramadan and as its the holiest month, inshallah he will actually get used to seeing me everyday in it and want it as much as me and my sons.

Ok moan over :-) inshallah will write good news soon

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wow do i really hate uni

I thought uni was supposed to be a good time of studying and making friends. Well so far i hate the course and the class members are absolutely horrible, they really make you feel uncomfortable and look down on you.  the course content is nothing like i was told its all chemistry and lab work, if i wanted to be in a lab i would have studied a course that was lab orientated.  there is no way im going back for year 2 id go insane doing it for any longer than the next 6 weeks. Woohoo roll on half term, 3 weeks break and than two weeks after that i finish. Gonna have to find a job instead now monday to friday is good for me.

Well thats my rant over by for now

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Shopping in uxbridge

Well went to holland and barrett and brought all my diet goodies as well as zumba fitnessfor xbox.

Not sure how nestle caro tastes but i really need to cutxown on coffee, i have also brought some herbal tea that strawberry and vanilla my fav combos.

Also as their 1p sale i brought the expensive manuka honey and got second for 1p yay.

I ended up spending around £26 that includea all the veggie saussages and treats too.

Gonna upload some pics later of my shopping today.

Tomorrow its westfield with a friend so well see if i get any new goodies. So for now bye bye

Monday, 26 September 2011

Quick update

Hi well have finally enrolled on my food and nutrition at LSBU and my first official day will be on wedensday. And on the uni blackboard assignments have already been handed out, and the first one is due next wednesday, the essay has to be handwritten and is only 300 words. There are around 10 questions to choose from so a good think will be needed. Will write about first day on Wednesday.

Well bye for now inshallah will get back to the blogging soon

Monday, 19 September 2011


Hi all well today was my uni induction day, there wont be a big class that's ok with me. My actual modules will be biomolecules, foodology, scientific skills and physiology and nutrition. Have no clue s ton what they involve in the way of study as yet cut will find out next week on wednesday. The other positive is that it's still a 10 am start.

The uni has also installed a new registration system son that when you enter a class you use your identity card to log in and at the end of the day sign out before you leave uni, this how they check you have are attending the cousre lectures etc.

Well that's me for now

Bye for now