Monday, 26 September 2011

Quick update

Hi well have finally enrolled on my food and nutrition at LSBU and my first official day will be on wedensday. And on the uni blackboard assignments have already been handed out, and the first one is due next wednesday, the essay has to be handwritten and is only 300 words. There are around 10 questions to choose from so a good think will be needed. Will write about first day on Wednesday.

Well bye for now inshallah will get back to the blogging soon

Monday, 19 September 2011


Hi all well today was my uni induction day, there wont be a big class that's ok with me. My actual modules will be biomolecules, foodology, scientific skills and physiology and nutrition. Have no clue s ton what they involve in the way of study as yet cut will find out next week on wednesday. The other positive is that it's still a 10 am start.

The uni has also installed a new registration system son that when you enter a class you use your identity card to log in and at the end of the day sign out before you leave uni, this how they check you have are attending the cousre lectures etc.

Well that's me for now

Bye for now