Wednesday, 18 June 2008

well alhumdulillah my nikkah day is almost here. i have now got my outfit all ready together and inshallah will post some pics when i get take some photos on sunday.

i will be having a very quick nikkah as my neighbour has to go to a family due, so it will finish around 5pm and so as there is no one else to come we will inshallah go out for a meal.

looks like my henna wont be done, as i have no time to go and get it done, as its in town and no one can drive me home afterwards.

so inshallah will post on sunday after the nikkah has been performed inshallah and then update with photos.

well in the meantime i will be doing my uni work, handed in my last essay last week and have begun on the next one due in october.

see ya all later inshallah

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