Monday, 16 June 2008

My Nikkah on 22nd June

hiya well next sunday 22nd june i will finally be doing my nikkah, this is an islamic marriage, similar to a christian wedding just without the singing and the long 2 hour service lol, have already done the civil marriage 15 and half years ago, although marriage was only given 6 months by my oh so cinical family, mainly due to the fact that they can hardly stay faithful for 5 mins or even married long enough for the ink to dry on their marriage certificates.

the imam will come to the house and we will listen to the quran with some friends, and then the marriage will be performed.

we will then have a small gathering and have some cake, coffee, tea and soft drinks and then in the evening we will all go our for a meal.

i am wearing a white and silver dress, that was given to me as a present from my sister in law in morocco, and its a really beautiful dress.

will be doing some henna this week as well, but no party as everyone is busy, but i will have a party in morocco either this summer or next. yeeehaaa a real party lol.

bye for now

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ammena said...

party in morocco? are they as big as the ones in algeria?? sis.. im dreading it totally!!! :P