Saturday, 20 October 2007

homeshooling work

well i finally got some homestudy work for my son, or should i say a complete waste of time work. it is 4A sheets of paper with questions about what you do with a printer and how to make a poster about a pop group venue.

i mean come on please where is the english maths science geography etc. he is supposed to be doing spanish as one of his options and all i get are these pieces of paper with so called assignments on, by the way which my 10 year old has already done just before the summer term. so why are they in secondary school studying this kind of work.

so i am having to fork out for myself some good gsce work books which he will use and im gonna make a good timetable for him, so he can study a better indepth work and knowledge of what he needs.

ive taken his exercise books and i will continue from there, so i knwo basically where he is and what hes doing. his friends are also telling him what they are studying so thats an extra bonus for us, so he is up to date with his class and what they are studying at the moment.

well im now gonna go and find some descent books for him to read and to get on with after the half term, so it gives me a week to get things done so when schools go back he will be able to sit and study with a proper timetable.

he has to go to the school on a thursday and frinday morning from 9am till 10.45 am to get his worked marked and to ask any questions he may have. but hopefully this will not last too long as they will move hime to the new shcool soon. if they accept his reasons for wanting a mangaged move to another school.

well gonna go and you all go and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

hiya again just to say that i was invited to a parent partnership workshop on monday. and it was for other mums with autistic children or just with adhd. my son has both of these and is currently on medication to try and control his moods and his behaviour.

the course however, was not of any use for me as it was mainly about children with eating problems. where as my son has a really healthy appetite. but what was the shocker is the amount of sugar that is found in so called heathly drinks damn i was just gob smacked. i deal mainly with the nutrtional side of things at the mo, and i am just learning about the ingredients of certain foods etc.

my son has to be very careful as what he eats and drinks, so when i found out about the following drinks i was gobsmacked, as this is what he has after his taekwondo and basketball classes. but now he has changed to water as he understands what too much suagr can do to the body. we know we need some sugar for stamina and energy, but taking too much too quickly just gives us a good high and a complete depeltion in energy once the levels has fallen. check out the sugar spoons in some drinks.

my son drinks the 330ml lucozake bottles and i found it has upto 16 tspns of sugar, where as the dr.pepper and normal coke has 10. there was quite a few other problems but i wont mention them all, just to say that if your kids have nesquick the whole carton of powder has 42 spoons of sugar, so you weigh it up you need at least 3 or 4 spoons to make a descent milkshake, so you can imagine how much sugar they are drinking. just imagine putting this much in your tea or coffee, you would spit it out right away. but we dont think twice about drinking the bottles of drink, and wonder why we have problems with our sugar levels.

now we know why we are having obesity problems within society, these things are too easy at hand and so its easy to get stuck in a rut and not make fresh food, and drinks for our kids. where as i am at home so i have the privalige to being able to make things fresh.

but when i know im not gonna be here i allways make them either the day before of even on a day off you can make a few meals and keep them in the fridge, and have meals already set up.

i also think that if you plan at least 3 meals in a week, then you are less likely to binge out on fast food as much. ok it will be a struggle but isnt it worth the effort, especailly if you and your family are going to benefit in the long run.

just an intro

hiya everyone just a quick message to say why i have decided to write.

i have 2 boys one aged 13 and the other just 10. but my eldest son has now been excluded from school for his own safety as he is constantly attacked at school on a daily basis. The first problem is that he has Asperges syndrome, and so he obviously acts differently and this has casued other kids to constantly attack him. and also being rather intelligent makes him a target as well. i knew he would struggle with the secondary school, but this is just beyond a joke a 2 year campaign and my son although out of danger, is now driving me mad at home lol, and i am also stuyding a full time uni course so i am teaching him and also studying myself.

just before the summer holidays, two boys aged 16 and 17 jumped the school fence and attacked him in the school playground. so he was off the last 2wks of school and also the first two week after the hols returned in september. the school convinced us that all had been resolved. so he returned to school on a friday and by the tuesday had been attacked 2 times, and then constantly until just 10 days ago when i eventually said enough is enough either these boys are taken out of school or i will take my son.

and guess what i was told its best for my son to be taught at home now, as they can not re-assure me that he will be safe. so 2 weeks on and i am still waiting for the work that school has to provide and also a timetable for him to go to school 2 mornings a week to get his work marked.

so as usual the bullying violent little animals get to carry on their campaign to the other younger kids. and whats worse is that although my son is 13 hes is 5ft 11ins the school seems to think ok so he should be able to stand up for himself.

i dont want to swear so i wont, i did not send my son to school to fight, thats what his taekwondo classes are for, why should he be put in that situation where he has to protect himself everyday, that is not what should be happening at school. his work is suffering too, as he has missed so many lessons now.

my hubby is real angry as so far he has missed the meetings as he is working at heathrow and cant get the time off. he is just shocked at the fact that is going on, and no one has taken it seriously until my son lost it and threatened a teacher through frustation, as he was telling the teacher that these boys are attacking me and he was told to go away, they were busy, so he went for the teacher for not helping.

so nwo 2 years of absolute hell have finally caught up with them and they are now having to answer questions, as this is not the end as i know my hubby wants to take it further.

but we hope that he may be moved to another shcool, which is more specialised with special needs kids.

well thats is for me now. if anyone can offer some help in teaching at home please let me know.