Saturday, 20 September 2008

the last 10 days

asalam alaikum all

well we have now reached the last 10 days of ramadan and inshallah they will be very uplifting, i inshallah plan to work harder in reading and learning more surahs.  as over the past few days i have lapsed, mainly due to the fact that my uni work was due and i am failing badly as im unable to do good essays, ive never been good at them, and there again the comments are sometimes confusing.  usuallay i good comments on my harvard system referencing and bibliography, but this time although exactly the same as before, was told it was completely wrong.  how can this be, and so i am now 2 essays failed and only 2 passed, so i am really hoping that inshallah i start getting good news.

well next week is laylatul qadr, and inshallah i will do some reading at home for the night,  and i cant wait for eid al fitr as this will be the first ramadan in around 5 years that hubby will either not be working or be here in the uk as he sometimes goes homes home to morocco, but hes not leaving until the 8th october instead and so we will be having the day together inshallah.

well inshallah will speak soon and inshallah you all have blessed last 10 days of ramadan and eid ul fitr

fi aminallah


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