Thursday, 16 October 2008

Hubby in morocco


well its now a week since hubby has gone to morocco, and i am so missing him.  i am here with the two boys mashallah, the good thing is, is that we can just all lay about and eat the foods that hubby does not like lol, and get indulge in what we all like.  

i could not beleive the other day when went shopping, i bought a whole salmon for 7quid, it is usally around 14-17 quid here in the uk, so i grabbed and froze it the same day as i know hubby loves fish and so i will be doing a great meal next thursday when he returns home, and i shall serve it on a bed of couscous with sundried toms.

anyway, i have done so much uni work that i am half way through my last essay   being finished already, thats a first for me lol.     the only probs is that i have not done too well in my past 3 essays and failed by a miserable 1 or 2 % each time.

inshallah they will let me do my them again, and inshallah i can finally finish my level 4 more diginfied.

well inshallah will write sooon