Tuesday, 31 August 2010

University finally

well i have finally been given a place at uni in london after clearing, i cant believe how much my college mucked up my acceptance. they had reported to my prospective uni that i will not receive full credits the maximum i will get is 36 when infact i was awarded 60 credits and 45 at level 3 and 15 level 2s. this would have been more than enough to get me on the course even though it was not a full diploma without the algebra maths. the uni told me that if the college had acknowledged my 60 credits even though its a certificate was more than enough and i would be on my physiotherapy ccourse rather than having to do an extended degree.

well im going to south bank uni and hopefully it will turn out well. these past few weeks have been really hard i have had severe migraines been in bed most of the time and now im just getting over having the flu, still feel light headed and stuffy. just now waiting for my uni to send me my letter of acceptance and start date which will be around he 20th september.

well gonna go now bye

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Ramadan is here

well ramadan arrived and i have been ill since, i have been in bed since last thursday afternoon with severe migraine, finally got out today to go to portabello and get some chabbikkiya, msemen, bgriiaa and moroccan bread and then came back and crashed until 6pm when i had to get up and do some chicken.

hubby has now gone to the mosque and we will have the chicken done with some spices and yougurt sauce with some chips when he comes back from tarawiyah prayers.

as form me im still taking it easy and inshallah my head will begin to clear soon. i have not even been able to read as when look at the pages i begin to feel sick. same with the computer im here just to check emails, but thought id drop a quick note here.

was also happy as today i got an email saying that my new jilaba outfit (above) from egypt will be here soon as it has now been shipped.

well thats all for me as its time to set the dinner stuff and get things ready.