Thursday, 31 July 2008

another attempt by me doing hijab

asalam alaikum/hiya

well this is my attempt again at doing hijab.  the first is orange and brown which i like, and my son says i look really pretty in the colours.  and the other is lime green and white to show my irish side lol.

these i have just brought and inshallah will be wearing in ramadan along with my new clothes that i have brought as well.

i have a really nice brown stripe suit, and so i am going to look for a nice orange top, well not too orange maybe just inside the colour scheme.

well its late nearly 12am so i am going to bed soon inshallah.

wa salam


Thursday, 24 July 2008

My sons final day at Junior school

My son is the third green jumper in on the front row

well it finally happened my son has now left junior school and is now heading for the big secondary school.

We went to his last assembly yesterday and all the parents were in tears lol, me being the worst.  my son was crying even before he got to the stage lol, and when he had to speak, he burst our crying and again when he was singing a song with all the year 6 kids on stage lol.

i could not even take a photo or video as i was tearful.  so my hubby and other son took on the task lol, but hubby had to leave just as my son was due to receive his book from the headmaster, but i do have a video of it, be it all blurred lol.

so now i am trying to pluck up the courage to begin buying his new uniform and his oyster card that is used here in the uk for free bus and underground travel.

well gonna go to the natural history museum today, as i am not wanting him here out front playing due to the attitude the kids have, calling each other names and swearing as if its part of their vocabulary.

well gonna go got to wash my hair ready for the day and the next 6 weeks lol.

Monday, 21 July 2008

son leaving assembly

hiya well today is my younger sons school leaving play.  they are doing peter pan and he is one of the lost boys.  

yesterday in the newspaper there was an article about the man who wrote it and it is stating that he has supposedly murdered most of the people who helped him write it, as well as some relatives, so i dont feel so comfortable now as all i can think about is how evil this man many have been.

anyway will be going to my sons assembly at 2pm and there will be a presentation as well afterwards,  the whole of year 6 will receive a large dictionary and thesaurus to help them through the next few years ahead of them.

oohh im still not sure about him going secondary school, as hes still small and very sensitive, all his year are already 11 and he wont be until 7 days before he starts school, so the other kids are coming up for 12,  and i know these few months make a difference to  a childs personality and behaviour. as i was allways the eldest in my year, where i was almost 8 months ahead of my friends, this made a difference once we reached the age of 12 onwards.  

well thats me done gonna go


Sunday, 20 July 2008

New magazine received


well yesterday i received my new magazine from egypt called hijab fashion.  it is a really beautiful magazine and is well glossy.  the fashion ideas are great and is now a definate excuse to go there and pick up some of the beautiful outfits there.

i love the different syles of wearing hijab they have as well.  and i am now trying to do my self but not very well may i add lol. 

here are 2 pics of me trying to do new styles a little more practice dont you think lol.

well gonna go and read some more inshallah will be back soon



Saturday, 12 July 2008

my visit to islam expo

hiya/salam all

just to say i have just got back from the islam expo in london and subhannallah i had a great time, although i did not wear hijab, i wish i did but me and my friend were a bit nervous about travelling on the underground silly in know but, she has been attacked before on a few occasions so is very nervous.

but mashallah i brought some really nice hijabs from a sister with niqab on and they were only 2 for £5 and also the long sleeved tops with the writing on them from digital house and they look so sweet on and inshallah when i go back to morrow i will wear with my long jean skirt and inshallah my scarf as i am driving and will park outside, scary as ill be on my own with my boys inshallah.

i have posted a couple of photos that i took today as well, so excuse the no hijab one.

im just sorry i missed the fashion show as my friends who i went with wanted to go, so inshallah i will see it tomorrow.

by for now/ wa salam


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

younger son starting secondary school

salam all

well today my heart really sank, my son who is still only 10 is doing his secondary school induction today, and i am really nervous for him. he is so sensitive the slightest thing will send him into tears, and now ive started crying lol.

my big son has taken him on the bus as he has to be there by 8am, and he goes to the same school. i will be going later when there is an assembly for the parents.

he wont be 11 until august 25, and he starts school 8 days later, he will be one of the youngest and most his friends are going to another school which has bad reveiws and the school my son left due to bullying.

im glad at least hes got his big brother there and of course his brothers friends as they look after each other. and mashallah it has a strong muslim community there as well. they even have a special room for the prayers at lunch time and also a place to read quran and other islamic books mashallah.

so im gonna go do my shopping, had to write a list lol incase i forget because of worrrying. then i will have to to the school around 2pm to find somewhere to park.

inshallah he will be fine, he will be doing 4 taster lessons and P.E. well thats it for me until later.

he will do his last assembly play and leaving assembly at his now junior school on the 21st of july, and he is one of the lost boys in the peter pan play and i will be recording it as well.

but if you look at the photos here you can see how small he looks and delicate, even though his mouth is not lol.

well gonna go inshallah will be back later with some good news that he enjoyed it.

wa salam/ see ya

Thursday, 3 July 2008

getting ready for ramadan

asalam alaikum

well i thought it was time to get things ready for ramadan now, so i am making some bread that we use for breakfast and some pittas for our main meal after breaking fast. as well as some cakes and biscuits, as i dont go out much in ramadan as i find it too tirering as well as doing the house work.

so i have also began to buy the non perishable foods like tins, frozen etc.

i have also prepared my whole islamic wardrobe alhumdulillah and i have an outfit for home and going out along with all new hijabs and underscarfs. hubbys treated me as a nikkah prezzie.

so im all set, just gonna finish off the breads etc and freeze ready for the day of fasting, we also have a nice meal the night before to celebrate the beginning of the month which is nice as well.

well thats all for now inshallah will talk later

fi aminallah and bye