Monday, 28 June 2010

Absolutely Gutted about footie

Ok yesterday i may have slightly over reacted ove the footie lol, after all i did throw my slippers at the tv and rip down all the flags of my car, left some outside the house as we are still following the world cup. no only that i ripped of my footie top and threw it in a corner of the room where it still remains lol.

but i after seeing argentina win i was cheered up again and especially seeing my jonas guttierez, my fav player in newcastle.

well today is another day and im at home nursing my younger son who has a throat infection, and my eldest son is at school doing his last science GCSE Exam and thats it until 6th form in september and then i go off inshallah to university to do physiotherapy where my son will follow as he wants to do sports physio or just physiotherpay inshallah we both do well.

well got to go shopping later to get some meat for dinner and then get ready for some more footie too.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

going to staines

well today i went to staines and i wsas able to dress comfortably in a nice dress from la-redoute and a long line cardigan with my jeggins and white canvas shoes. what was weird is that i felt like i was underdressed and that too much was showing, even though i was completly covered up hwo weird is that.

well i enjoyed staines very much today and wa able to buy a longline top that is very floaty and will very cool in the summer with a top underneath.

but today i was made very happy as england finally won their match and went through to the final 16, the downside is that we now have to play germany if the scores dont change.

so here hoping that ghana score lol. tomorrow i will spend cleaning the house until i have to go to my gym induction at 2pm, i have really missed the gym since being at college last year, but i am determined to go to the gym even though i may inshallah be going to uni in septembrer. i will know for sure next tuesday as i will receive my results and my uni will say if they will take me on even if i have failed one test in algebra, inshallah they say yes.

well that it im off now to go finish watching the footie.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Well today i really struggled with what to wear and did not even think and just ended up wearing my newcastle footie shirt and jeggings and no jilaba.

i went to slough on my own and then i went back again with my son to pick up his phone, i also put in my N97 as it keeps freezing and cutting off during calls.

tomorrow im going to staines and i hope to be wearing my brown dress and a caridigan with my new roman sandals also in brown. as you can see its very long practically down to the floor, and my new shoes will look so nice i cant wait and inshallah a good start to my new way of dressing.
i will have days where i just want ot wear what i want, and these will be sorted out as they arise if i just go straight to wearing a jilabab i know i will then stop as it will be too much of a shock to my system. but i will end up inshallah by the time ramadan come begin wearing hijab.
this year i cant wait for ramadan i will be at home this year, and so i can relax and take things slowly and inshallah my friend will help with my changes.

Monday, 21 June 2010

westfield shopping centre

Today i started out at 9.30am with a friend to go to westfield shopping cente in london, the traffic was a nightmare, it took us over an hour to get there when it usually only takes around 20-25 mins.

once there though parking was easy and we had a good time walking around the shops. my friend needed a new dress to go to a wedding at the weekend. and settled for a blue organza dress and jacket.

as for me i brought myself a new pink purse from next and a nice pair of sandals from a shoe shop cant remember the name i just know that its near debenhams on the top floor.
we left around 1.20pm and arrived home around 1.45pm so yes it really does only take around the time i said. the only problem being is that my friend was going to be late for work as we took longer than we expected.
inshallah on wednesday we will go to staines and do some more shopping and i want to go to choice as they have some good bargains there.
so will write back when i have been on wednesday and will let you know if i brought anything useful.

as for what i wore, it was the long blue dress and a cardigan to cover my arms. i also wore a pair white strappy sandals with gold chains on the straps.

Sunday, 20 June 2010


well had to go shopping today and i was really confused as what to wear. i wanted to wear my jilaba, but i decided to wear a thigh length dress, jeggings and a long caridigan down to my knees and my ever comfy white canvas plimsoles. this looks very modest but i was still unsure about my jilaba. this particular jilaba is light jean material and was made by hand for me in morocco i really like it, when its hot its very cool.

hijab was not worn but inshallah soon that will follow, im still not sure what to do about this part of my dress.

well slovakia v paraguay has nearly finished so im going to get ready for the next game before i put on the tagine for dinner.

bye for now

Saturday, 19 June 2010

some new outfits for me to wear

Well i have brought some new dresses and have also began to wear my new jilabas that i had made from morocco when i was there last year.

even though some of the sleeves are short, i do have under tops for them so even though some of them are very low cut they will not be noticeable when i wear the under tops.

i have also brought gsome nice new sandals and all will be ready for ramadan in august, and inshallah this year is the year that i will begin to wear hijab, im just a little nervous as i do not have anyone around me to communicate with to help me with the big change that i am inshallah going to make.

i am due to start university in september and i am really nervous about wearing hijab there. the positive side is that no one would have known me before but the cons are that will i be the only one with hijab, would they have taken me on if they knew that i wear hijab im just not sure what to do and feel very confused.

f any sisters are can offer some advise i would appreciate it very much.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Finally finished college

Well its finally over and i can now say i have finshed college and all i have to do now is wait for the moderator to say if i can receive my diploma or not, and all because i have failed algerbra maths.

i really hope they decide i have done enough to get into university and inhsallah go onto to do my physiotherapy course at east london uni.

well im going now to watch the world cup to watch USA v Solvenia and then England v Algeria.