Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Few Photos of Me Cooking

Well as promised a few photos of my first set of moroccan cigars ready for ramadan.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Another day of Cooking

Well so far I pre-prepared the mince fillings and will stuff the pastry sheets tonight whilst I am enjoying wwe money in the bank, yes I am a big wresteling fan. I enjoy doing things while im watching a great programme it makes the food seem more tastier as it is a pleasure to make such great food ready for the next few weeks with the lead up to ramadan.
I am writing a daily diary too to keep an eye on what I have done to lead up and then during ramadan, I shall be taking photos of my day too, so lots of activities going on inshallah.
well thats it for today gonna go and read my book and relax while hubby is off to france coach driving a 46 of year 9 kids, rather him than me lol

Friday, 15 July 2011

Ramadan is nearly here alhumudulillah

Well its now the 15th of July and inshallah in around 17 - 18 days it will be the beginning of the month of fasting called Ramadan. From now until the start of the holy month it is time to reflect on the past year and what we want to get out of the holy month coming up.

To prepare I have begun to sort through my iphone and its music content and remove quite a bit of the stuff on there and fill it with my islamic readings and favourite nasheeds. I inshallah hope to put my quran reading in the forefront this year too, last year I was really ill and unable to even eat for most of the month and so my ramadan was not very eventful and being able to read was not even part of my daily routine as I spent most of the time in bed in pain.

As its the summer holidays again inshallah i can spend my time in the bedroom reading to my hearts content, as cooking will be a lot later in the day inshallah.

The foods that me and my family will be eating will be msemmen and bgriia these are moroccan pancakes, there will be samosas, bread, soup (harira,tomato) and i have made some chebbakkiya and frozen this too at the moment. I will be making some moroccan cigars and some biscuits and cakes too.

This part of the lead up to the holy month I do enjoy and inshallah it shall be a rewarding month.

I will be back inshallah weekly to post what other things I have to done to make ramadan a little easier in the beginning, and inshallah the whole of ramdan right up until Eid ul Fitr.