Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ramadan so far

Salam to all my friends and inshallah your ramadan is going well.

Monday started off so well for me, I had my suhorr (food before beginning fast) then i went to bed around 4am after clearing away the kitchen and making sure that everyone was fed well.

I then arose in the morning around 8am, and after my sons had their showers, i was able to have my shower and then afterwards i then sat down in my bedroom and was able to read the whole chapter of Al Baqara of the quaran.  I did not realise the time as after I had finished it was 3.45pm and so I then proceeded to go shopping for the bits and pieces that we needed and then went back to my room to rest and listen to the womens hour on MCR the radio station i allways listen to this time of the year, they have some good programmes on there especially the drivetime, although the presenters this year have changed the new brothers are still doing a good job of entertaining.

I must say though that since day one i have been suffering with very bad migraines again this year, i have managed to fast alhumdulillah, so reading has gone out of the window but now im inshallah getting back on my feet i can inshallah catch up with what i have missed out on.

well so im now going to post some photos inshallah over the next day or so, inshallah of the iftar table and maybe inshallah of us outside tonight if we still go to London as hopefully planned inshallah.

well inshallah will write soon and will also have good news about uni, as i have to do the online enrollment sometime this month and the face to face on sept 5th.