Thursday, 28 August 2008

started podcasting

asalam alaikum 

well we have decided to do podacsting as a family lol, i have 2 up at the moment not very good but its fun.   

i am going to inshallah do my 3rd one today, and its mainly going to be about when the youner child finally reaches secondary school, and how it makes us mums feel and dads too.   

when you see him standing there so tiny in the blazer, tie and the rest of the uniform, it really makes him look even younger, its really hard to see him going on wednesday next week, and its come around so quick as its usually a slow summer, but because we were running around finding what he needs it has gone quicker.

i will post a photo of him and my eldest son and you will see the big difference between them although its only 3yr gap, but he towers over the younger one lol. 

well inshallah now hes going to the gym inshallah his bones will begin to stretch lol.

well gonna go inshallah will speak later

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