Saturday, 9 August 2008

salam all

well its creeping up on us this holy month of ramadhan, now my kitchen and my whole house smells of pre-cooked foods.  as its now time to get the basics out of the way inshallah.  the samosas, the pancakes as well as the breads, as this saves time in the day when i can spend more time on my islamic study and in my reading of the quran.

inshallah i am going to start my quranic reading at the mosque soon now that i have learnt the arabic, i can no go onto the quranic recitation reading at the local mosque, well i say local its a few miles away lol.

this year i am also determined to do some prayers in the mosque inshallah, as my son is wanting to go to the tarawiyah prayers and so i will drop him and his friends off and insallah will join ht women as well.  how nice to have a son who is now old enough to appreciate all that is islamic, my 10 year old is at that stage where he is still having to be pushed but inshallah he will get there especially at his new secondary school, as there are so many muslims there and inshallah he will follow his brother into the prayer room at lunch times.

well gonna go and do some more freezing of the iftar snacks and inshallah will write again soon.

till then all take care 

wa salam


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