Friday, 12 September 2008

Day 12

asalam alaikum all 

well alhumdulillah its now day 12 and its nearly half way through ramadan.  i am at the moment really struggling as ive had a sore throat, headaches among other things.  i am hardly eating as i am finding it hard to eat that late at  night and after a long day i feel sick eating that late.

so all im eating is a bowl of soup and some bread and then breakfast  in the early morning is normally a bowl of cereal and a good large strong cup of coffee aahh the smell of cofee mmm.

anyway i have also learnt 3 new surahs, and inshallah will begin my next one soon inshallah.  i am also supposed to hand in my essay next wednesday but dont even have the energy to finish it, and so i am really struggling now.

well gonna sign off and inshallah will speak soon


ammena said...

3?? masha'allah sis.. thats really good :) you make me shamed to say im still working on the same one from about 1 week ago. alhamdulillah got the english down, now need to work on the arabic insha'allah

Rana said...

Masha Allah, I like your posts. very interesting.