Saturday, 21 June 2008

ok so this is me in my new hijabs that i brought last week, as you can see im new to it lol. dont wear them everyday just mainly for the mosque and islamic events. i would like to wear full time one day, but at the moment i am still getting used to them. my neighbour and i will begin to wear them together soon but she finds it hard where she will work soon, as its not part of the uniform and she feels too nervous to wear it to work. the same goes for me i dont work but if i did begin to work i would like to think that it owuld be accepted, or the alternative is i work from home something i have been thinking about for a while, but not sure what to do. hubby keeps thinking abour ideas but nothing concrete yet. so well see what comes up over the next few months while im still studying my BSc in nutritional medicine.
well by for now as before gotta cook for my nikkah tomorrow inshallah all will go well.

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ammena said...

hows ur degree goin sis? insha'allah well.. I remember it was hard for you when you first started.. love the hijabs, youre a natural masha'allah :D are you goin to the islamexpo in july?