Sunday, 28 September 2008

last few days

asalam alaikum

well alhumdilillah we are now into the last few days of ramadan and we are now getting ready for the eid ul fitr gatherings mashallah.

i have to get a few more prezzies for my older son and so inshallah everything will be wrapped up and done by tuesday.  i am making brekkie of course and it will be a nice simple one with different varities of flavours to go with the pancakes that i will do, some with rose water, orange blossom and of course the good old chocolate and some cream will be nice.  

as for the night before eid i am doing a large meal with leg of lamb with mixed roasted vegetables and spicy potatoes inshallah.   i will make some dessert, im still inbetween gulab jamun, mhellebiah, or a trifle, all hand made of course no shop brought, i love making desserts.

hubby and elder son will be going to the mosque and inshallah on thier return on eid we are going out for a meal in the evening inshallah. i have saved for almost a month with just 50p,20p,10p. and so far have saved 37.70 which will make a great contribution towards the meal.

also this ramadan have finally set a donation for islam channels dawah project  to help with the all that goes on there.  i have also set up standing orders for muslimaid and will also inshallah help someone less forntuate .  i am also thinking of sponsoring a child but im still checking on my income first, and i will inshallah do this at the end of the month when i know i have a little extra coming and so i can use it to send to the orphan that i sponsor.

well that all for now as its getting closer to iftar and time for me to get the bits and bobs on the table.

so all take care

wa salam 


Saturday, 20 September 2008

the last 10 days

asalam alaikum all

well we have now reached the last 10 days of ramadan and inshallah they will be very uplifting, i inshallah plan to work harder in reading and learning more surahs.  as over the past few days i have lapsed, mainly due to the fact that my uni work was due and i am failing badly as im unable to do good essays, ive never been good at them, and there again the comments are sometimes confusing.  usuallay i good comments on my harvard system referencing and bibliography, but this time although exactly the same as before, was told it was completely wrong.  how can this be, and so i am now 2 essays failed and only 2 passed, so i am really hoping that inshallah i start getting good news.

well next week is laylatul qadr, and inshallah i will do some reading at home for the night,  and i cant wait for eid al fitr as this will be the first ramadan in around 5 years that hubby will either not be working or be here in the uk as he sometimes goes homes home to morocco, but hes not leaving until the 8th october instead and so we will be having the day together inshallah.

well inshallah will speak soon and inshallah you all have blessed last 10 days of ramadan and eid ul fitr

fi aminallah


Friday, 12 September 2008

Day 12

asalam alaikum all 

well alhumdulillah its now day 12 and its nearly half way through ramadan.  i am at the moment really struggling as ive had a sore throat, headaches among other things.  i am hardly eating as i am finding it hard to eat that late at  night and after a long day i feel sick eating that late.

so all im eating is a bowl of soup and some bread and then breakfast  in the early morning is normally a bowl of cereal and a good large strong cup of coffee aahh the smell of cofee mmm.

anyway i have also learnt 3 new surahs, and inshallah will begin my next one soon inshallah.  i am also supposed to hand in my essay next wednesday but dont even have the energy to finish it, and so i am really struggling now.

well gonna sign off and inshallah will speak soon

Monday, 8 September 2008

ramadan day 8

Asalam alaikum all

well its now the end of day 8 of ramadan and alhumdulillah its going ok, i am at the moment though suffering from swollen glands on oneside, but alhumdulillah i am still fasting.  if it gets too bad and i feel i need to take medicine then i will have too, but inshallah it wont get to that point.

last night i only slept 2.5 hours and so i went to bed at 2pm and fell asleep until 6, lucky hubby was here on a day off and took care of the boys when they came home.   eldest is fasting so not as bad as they younger one, as he has a slight eating disorder where he hardly eats, so fasting for him at the moment is not possible and is medically advised against it as well.

but inshallah tomorrow i will finally get the courage to go out on my own with hijab, as i usually only go with friends, i know im a chicken lol.  but i have the outfit already and waiting and inshsallah i will go out without feeling vulnerable.  the above outfit is what i wear at home or if im popping over to my friends house, but tomorrow  i am mixing black and white inshallah or i may wear my brown suit, inshallah well see.

well gonna go as hubby and elder son are due back from the mosque after tarawiyah prayers, and will now want their main meal after the iftar of soup and nibbles.

well inshallah you all take care and inshallah will speak soon.

fi aminallah to all


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ramadan day 2

asalam alaikum all

well here are some photos of me and my family before during and after day 2.  

i am finidng the days so far going quickly alhumdulillah,  at the moment i am not fasting,  will inshallah begin on monday.

on day one i made tomato soup, and we had slices of meat, cheese, some nice fresh bagguette small cocktail sausages and of course a dessert.  after my hubby and elder son returned from the mosque we had kebabs, chips and salad this was around 11pm.

we arose again at 3.30am the next morning and had parata, some cheese, coffee orange juice and i had oat so simple.  and then i went back to bed until around 8am and got up done some housework and went shopping  to pick up some extra meat and other bits and bobs for the iftar and sehri times.

as for day 2, we had harira, sliced meat and some cheese, and i made meatballs in tomato and onion sauce and served after the iftar, and then hubby and son went to the mosque again for tarawiyah which i think will be an ongoing daily routine during ramadan inshallah.

my younger son had to go to bed at 9pm as he had to start his new secondary school today, and he was so nervous he kept shivering mashallah. 

well thats it will write about other days of ramadan if anything else new happens inshallah.