Tuesday, 12 February 2008

new school for my son

Finally after fighting with the school and the education board my son was offered a place at a school near us in november of last year.

He was told that there were no places available at the school during meetings and that he has to return to Uxbridge High, yeah right im really gonna send him back to you lot so he can become a statistic who has decided suicide is better than putting up with that crap.

so i contacted the school myself and within 4 weeks he was at his new school. and he has really setteled in well, he has really changed and is so motivated now, he cant wait to go to school and he has made so many new friends.

now hes at the stage of choosing his options, and he is really stuck as he enoys the lessons and the teachers are so patient with the pupils, which is why the students probably do well.

well got to go to the year 9 options evening today to get the info on what it all entails and what he has to do once he has chosen his subjects. i know one of them wont be art lol, he hates this lesson just as i did lol. but he choosing the subjects so far that i done and loved, which is weird.

well gonna go and ready for the meeting speak soon.