Thursday, 24 July 2008

My sons final day at Junior school

My son is the third green jumper in on the front row

well it finally happened my son has now left junior school and is now heading for the big secondary school.

We went to his last assembly yesterday and all the parents were in tears lol, me being the worst.  my son was crying even before he got to the stage lol, and when he had to speak, he burst our crying and again when he was singing a song with all the year 6 kids on stage lol.

i could not even take a photo or video as i was tearful.  so my hubby and other son took on the task lol, but hubby had to leave just as my son was due to receive his book from the headmaster, but i do have a video of it, be it all blurred lol.

so now i am trying to pluck up the courage to begin buying his new uniform and his oyster card that is used here in the uk for free bus and underground travel.

well gonna go to the natural history museum today, as i am not wanting him here out front playing due to the attitude the kids have, calling each other names and swearing as if its part of their vocabulary.

well gonna go got to wash my hair ready for the day and the next 6 weeks lol.

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