Monday, 21 July 2008

son leaving assembly

hiya well today is my younger sons school leaving play.  they are doing peter pan and he is one of the lost boys.  

yesterday in the newspaper there was an article about the man who wrote it and it is stating that he has supposedly murdered most of the people who helped him write it, as well as some relatives, so i dont feel so comfortable now as all i can think about is how evil this man many have been.

anyway will be going to my sons assembly at 2pm and there will be a presentation as well afterwards,  the whole of year 6 will receive a large dictionary and thesaurus to help them through the next few years ahead of them.

oohh im still not sure about him going secondary school, as hes still small and very sensitive, all his year are already 11 and he wont be until 7 days before he starts school, so the other kids are coming up for 12,  and i know these few months make a difference to  a childs personality and behaviour. as i was allways the eldest in my year, where i was almost 8 months ahead of my friends, this made a difference once we reached the age of 12 onwards.  

well thats me done gonna go


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ammena said...

im sure you will always be nervous after what happened with ur other boy.. but he isnt small sis. Have you tried telling him that? im sure he would say the same :P his age wont make a diff.. noone will know his bday unless he tells them! as for me.. mine is the middle of the yr (may) and i was still pointed out even though the majority of my friends were even younger than me. Let him be sis.. this is the time he grows :D insha'allah