Thursday, 10 April 2008

so much for sleeping alone

Asalam alaikum all

well there i was thinking i would get a great nights sleep in a long time, as hubby is away and i can lie in bed as no brekkie to make. but no i go to bed last night and my son had fallen asleep on my side of the bed, why is it everyone goes to my side of the bed lol, even hubby in the day when hes resting is on my side as well as my other son when he wants to watch morocco upstairs is on my side was well. no wonder my side as a big dent in it and my hubbys side is still like new lol.

anyway i left him in my bed but moved him to his fathers side, and because hes ill i did not want to disturb him, poor thing has not eaten a proper meal since two ago now, and is beginning to look very thin and subdued, so i left him. he also finds it too lonely without his brother there to pester him lol.

but inshallah i will have my own space tonight and will spread my wings so to speak.

my brain is feeling all fizzled out as well due to studying, so i am taking a rest for the rest of the day.

finally made the tagine yesterday but my son could not eat it due to his mouth ulcer and absess.. where as today i am going to have good old egg and chips something i have not had in months and i will enjoy with lots of ketchup yummy. where as my son only wants poached egg with toast so thats fine with me.

well gonna go and inshallah will report tomorrow inshallah

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