Saturday, 12 July 2008

my visit to islam expo

hiya/salam all

just to say i have just got back from the islam expo in london and subhannallah i had a great time, although i did not wear hijab, i wish i did but me and my friend were a bit nervous about travelling on the underground silly in know but, she has been attacked before on a few occasions so is very nervous.

but mashallah i brought some really nice hijabs from a sister with niqab on and they were only 2 for £5 and also the long sleeved tops with the writing on them from digital house and they look so sweet on and inshallah when i go back to morrow i will wear with my long jean skirt and inshallah my scarf as i am driving and will park outside, scary as ill be on my own with my boys inshallah.

i have posted a couple of photos that i took today as well, so excuse the no hijab one.

im just sorry i missed the fashion show as my friends who i went with wanted to go, so inshallah i will see it tomorrow.

by for now/ wa salam


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