Thursday, 3 July 2008

getting ready for ramadan

asalam alaikum

well i thought it was time to get things ready for ramadan now, so i am making some bread that we use for breakfast and some pittas for our main meal after breaking fast. as well as some cakes and biscuits, as i dont go out much in ramadan as i find it too tirering as well as doing the house work.

so i have also began to buy the non perishable foods like tins, frozen etc.

i have also prepared my whole islamic wardrobe alhumdulillah and i have an outfit for home and going out along with all new hijabs and underscarfs. hubbys treated me as a nikkah prezzie.

so im all set, just gonna finish off the breads etc and freeze ready for the day of fasting, we also have a nice meal the night before to celebrate the beginning of the month which is nice as well.

well thats all for now inshallah will talk later

fi aminallah and bye

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