Sunday, 30 May 2010

A year has gone by

Well I cant beleive its been nearly year since I have been here, I dont know why but I used to use this page a lot and then suddenly nothing for a year. i dont know why i have forgotten this place, i see my friends using it and i used to love reading hegab- rehab bloggs as she has some wonderful ideas on her fashion pages.

I do think that facebook has taken over and also twitter. but inshallah i will begin to post here again once I find something interesting to talk about. i lead such a dull life that i dont have much to say so thats probably another reason for my absence. but im gonna make more effort now, after all my course has come to an end and that was a waste of a whole year of study, supposed to be finishing my last pieces of work and i cant be bothered im really struggling.

heres hoping i get good news ast the end of the june and that i have got my 60 credits. at the moment it looks bad as i have only got 33, so i need another 27 points and hopefully my work that is still being marked gets me the rest.

well im off and inshallah i will return.