Saturday, 22 November 2008

Exel today career day

Salam all

well today we went to the careers fair in london exel, and had a great day. this was  mainly for my son to get an idea of what he needs to do when he finishes his GCSEs.  he wants to do electronics and spoke to someone from the underground and found that he could an apprentiship from the age of 17 with the and the starting salary is around  £20,000, but on completion he will then arise up to around £30-35,000 which will be around his the of 21/22.

he also went to police and asked about what they could offer, and they were really good and showed him a side of the police where he could get involved voluntarily from 14 until 19 which he is thinking about.   my brother is in the C.I.D  and has also suggested other options that he can do within the police force.

well thats it and i have some photos of the trip there and back.

wa salam


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