Monday, 30 June 2008

my web page

asalam alaikum

as promised here is my fundraising page for my run in september inshallah.
my webpage is as i said before the money will go straight to the charity of the NAS, and will count towards my goal alhumdulillah.

fi aminallah

im now an official autism angel

hiya well i got my t-shirt and angel wings today and so now i am officially an autism angel, and i will be running in the addidas womens challenge on september 7th.

this is close to my heart, as my eldest son has asperges syndrome and had quite a few struggles over the years. but he is now beginning to settle a little more, but he has a long way to go to being understood by others around him.

people just stare at him sometimes as he can suddenly revert back to a childish behaviour, and lol he is now nearly 6ft and people dont realise that he has a problem because there is nothing physical to see.

so i am inshallah running for the aid of the autistic society, to help make awareness and also to help any parents who are struggling with diagnosis as i know we did as a family. we were told when he was 3and a half, and that was that he sees a doctor every 6months to check his weight, height as he has had to take mediciation now and this helps to stop his violent outbreaks as he becomes dangerous espcecially to his younger brother, with whom he has strangled, smothered and even tried to stab, so yes he really needs the medication or i could end up with my son being seriously damaged.

i have a donation website which i will put up later, so if anyone wishes to donate they can go my page and the money goes straight to the autistic society.

i have an application on my muslimspace account as well as my facebook under email pinkwonda.

well thats all for me for now and i will inshallah get back to this page later.

by for now/ salam

Monday, 23 June 2008

My Nikkah Day

well as promised here are my nikkah photos taken yesterday. we had a great time and some nice photos were taken, have not put them all as they include friends who may not wish to be on the internet. but you can see me, my hubby, and my two boys. cant beleive how much taller my son is when hes right next to me lol, and hes only 14 bless.

well he had so much food and sweets it was unreal lol, my neighbours husband cooked a wonderful curry dish and rice, and we had the cake above for dessert. i bought the cake and the sweets and we were left with so much that we had palm half over to the guests who were leaving lol. so they went home happy with more food and cake lol.

after the nikkah the boys and their friends went over to my house and they stayed there playing the wii and some dvds, we only live next door so its ok and there was two boys aged 14 and so they looked after the young ones, while us women had our chat in the kitchen and the men were in the front room.

it was a wonderful day, and my neighbour gave a wonderful welcome and a delight for all.

well gonna go and cook now lol, had my holiday yesterday i did not have to do anything and so im back to being the old mum today, washing, cleaning and cooking lol.

bye khadijah

Saturday, 21 June 2008

ok so this is me in my new hijabs that i brought last week, as you can see im new to it lol. dont wear them everyday just mainly for the mosque and islamic events. i would like to wear full time one day, but at the moment i am still getting used to them. my neighbour and i will begin to wear them together soon but she finds it hard where she will work soon, as its not part of the uniform and she feels too nervous to wear it to work. the same goes for me i dont work but if i did begin to work i would like to think that it owuld be accepted, or the alternative is i work from home something i have been thinking about for a while, but not sure what to do. hubby keeps thinking abour ideas but nothing concrete yet. so well see what comes up over the next few months while im still studying my BSc in nutritional medicine.
well by for now as before gotta cook for my nikkah tomorrow inshallah all will go well.

one more day

well one more day till nikkah day. just a little dissapointed as i cant do want i want. no henna, no real party, but at least im doing the most important thing my nikkah.

inshallah everything will work out how it should, a few bites to eat and then home, no going out as hubby has work shift at 3am lol. i knew it would happen its just my luck lol.

but will be doing a party in morocco either this year or next, and so i will get my henna party and my wedding party as well.

well by for now gonna cook my food for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

well alhumdulillah my nikkah day is almost here. i have now got my outfit all ready together and inshallah will post some pics when i get take some photos on sunday.

i will be having a very quick nikkah as my neighbour has to go to a family due, so it will finish around 5pm and so as there is no one else to come we will inshallah go out for a meal.

looks like my henna wont be done, as i have no time to go and get it done, as its in town and no one can drive me home afterwards.

so inshallah will post on sunday after the nikkah has been performed inshallah and then update with photos.

well in the meantime i will be doing my uni work, handed in my last essay last week and have begun on the next one due in october.

see ya all later inshallah

Monday, 16 June 2008

My Nikkah on 22nd June

hiya well next sunday 22nd june i will finally be doing my nikkah, this is an islamic marriage, similar to a christian wedding just without the singing and the long 2 hour service lol, have already done the civil marriage 15 and half years ago, although marriage was only given 6 months by my oh so cinical family, mainly due to the fact that they can hardly stay faithful for 5 mins or even married long enough for the ink to dry on their marriage certificates.

the imam will come to the house and we will listen to the quran with some friends, and then the marriage will be performed.

we will then have a small gathering and have some cake, coffee, tea and soft drinks and then in the evening we will all go our for a meal.

i am wearing a white and silver dress, that was given to me as a present from my sister in law in morocco, and its a really beautiful dress.

will be doing some henna this week as well, but no party as everyone is busy, but i will have a party in morocco either this summer or next. yeeehaaa a real party lol.

bye for now