Thursday, 31 July 2008

another attempt by me doing hijab

asalam alaikum/hiya

well this is my attempt again at doing hijab.  the first is orange and brown which i like, and my son says i look really pretty in the colours.  and the other is lime green and white to show my irish side lol.

these i have just brought and inshallah will be wearing in ramadan along with my new clothes that i have brought as well.

i have a really nice brown stripe suit, and so i am going to look for a nice orange top, well not too orange maybe just inside the colour scheme.

well its late nearly 12am so i am going to bed soon inshallah.

wa salam



ammena said...

i agree with your son masha'allah :) are those 2 scarves? i dont think i could be bothered with the extra time all these different styles take. I have 4 styles I use so I think that is ok... I swap around :P al-amira, square hijabs, kuwati style & normal shaylas. Allahu alim

julaybeeba said...

i like the first very much the brown looks really nice next to ur complexion

Jana said...

Aww mashallah, you look lovely :)