Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Well today i really struggled with what to wear and did not even think and just ended up wearing my newcastle footie shirt and jeggings and no jilaba.

i went to slough on my own and then i went back again with my son to pick up his phone, i also put in my N97 as it keeps freezing and cutting off during calls.

tomorrow im going to staines and i hope to be wearing my brown dress and a caridigan with my new roman sandals also in brown. as you can see its very long practically down to the floor, and my new shoes will look so nice i cant wait and inshallah a good start to my new way of dressing.
i will have days where i just want ot wear what i want, and these will be sorted out as they arise if i just go straight to wearing a jilabab i know i will then stop as it will be too much of a shock to my system. but i will end up inshallah by the time ramadan come begin wearing hijab.
this year i cant wait for ramadan i will be at home this year, and so i can relax and take things slowly and inshallah my friend will help with my changes.

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Adventurous Ammena said...

insha'Allah everything goes well for you sis :)