Monday, 21 June 2010

westfield shopping centre

Today i started out at 9.30am with a friend to go to westfield shopping cente in london, the traffic was a nightmare, it took us over an hour to get there when it usually only takes around 20-25 mins.

once there though parking was easy and we had a good time walking around the shops. my friend needed a new dress to go to a wedding at the weekend. and settled for a blue organza dress and jacket.

as for me i brought myself a new pink purse from next and a nice pair of sandals from a shoe shop cant remember the name i just know that its near debenhams on the top floor.
we left around 1.20pm and arrived home around 1.45pm so yes it really does only take around the time i said. the only problem being is that my friend was going to be late for work as we took longer than we expected.
inshallah on wednesday we will go to staines and do some more shopping and i want to go to choice as they have some good bargains there.
so will write back when i have been on wednesday and will let you know if i brought anything useful.

as for what i wore, it was the long blue dress and a cardigan to cover my arms. i also wore a pair white strappy sandals with gold chains on the straps.

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