Monday, 28 June 2010

Absolutely Gutted about footie

Ok yesterday i may have slightly over reacted ove the footie lol, after all i did throw my slippers at the tv and rip down all the flags of my car, left some outside the house as we are still following the world cup. no only that i ripped of my footie top and threw it in a corner of the room where it still remains lol.

but i after seeing argentina win i was cheered up again and especially seeing my jonas guttierez, my fav player in newcastle.

well today is another day and im at home nursing my younger son who has a throat infection, and my eldest son is at school doing his last science GCSE Exam and thats it until 6th form in september and then i go off inshallah to university to do physiotherapy where my son will follow as he wants to do sports physio or just physiotherpay inshallah we both do well.

well got to go shopping later to get some meat for dinner and then get ready for some more footie too.

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