Wednesday, 23 June 2010

going to staines

well today i went to staines and i wsas able to dress comfortably in a nice dress from la-redoute and a long line cardigan with my jeggins and white canvas shoes. what was weird is that i felt like i was underdressed and that too much was showing, even though i was completly covered up hwo weird is that.

well i enjoyed staines very much today and wa able to buy a longline top that is very floaty and will very cool in the summer with a top underneath.

but today i was made very happy as england finally won their match and went through to the final 16, the downside is that we now have to play germany if the scores dont change.

so here hoping that ghana score lol. tomorrow i will spend cleaning the house until i have to go to my gym induction at 2pm, i have really missed the gym since being at college last year, but i am determined to go to the gym even though i may inshallah be going to uni in septembrer. i will know for sure next tuesday as i will receive my results and my uni will say if they will take me on even if i have failed one test in algebra, inshallah they say yes.

well that it im off now to go finish watching the footie.

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