Saturday, 19 June 2010

some new outfits for me to wear

Well i have brought some new dresses and have also began to wear my new jilabas that i had made from morocco when i was there last year.

even though some of the sleeves are short, i do have under tops for them so even though some of them are very low cut they will not be noticeable when i wear the under tops.

i have also brought gsome nice new sandals and all will be ready for ramadan in august, and inshallah this year is the year that i will begin to wear hijab, im just a little nervous as i do not have anyone around me to communicate with to help me with the big change that i am inshallah going to make.

i am due to start university in september and i am really nervous about wearing hijab there. the positive side is that no one would have known me before but the cons are that will i be the only one with hijab, would they have taken me on if they knew that i wear hijab im just not sure what to do and feel very confused.

f any sisters are can offer some advise i would appreciate it very much.

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Umm Aaminah said...

A'salaamu alaikum sis. Stumbled onto your blog via Ammena's Adventures. I have some advice insha'Allah: just do it. :-) (Hope Nike doesn't charge me!)

Really sis we can all worry and wonder and it's just the Shaitaan making us disobey Allah. If you feel and you know it's a commandment from Allah jump in and don't look back. :-)

He will protect you and provide for you and for whatever hardship you face in this dunya Allah will give you better, ameen.

I began wearing hijab as soon as I converted. It was easy for me alhamdulillah but a little awkward. The surprise on people who know you but don't know you well. They are thinking...wtheck? lol But really sis it becomes very easy and soon you don't even think about it.

At first you will feel like EVERYONE in the world is staring at you but eventually it will surprise when you realize, hey they are staring at me! Why? Oh yeah I wear hijab.

Really it's that simple and Allah makes it easy on us sis. It's beautiful, it's modest, it pleases our husbands and pleases our Lord; what else can we care for?

Ma salaama