Monday, 5 July 2010

Well i have finally got my results from college and i am really annoyed. i have been able to acquire more credits than needed, but will not however be given my diploma as i have not been able to pass the the level 3 maths, so i am now inshallah hoping that my chosen university will accept my credit award without the diploma.

i am so gutted as the other access courses allow you to fail at least one module, but i am not so it is very unfair to me and some others on the course.

so will report back here when i get my answer from the uni.

Today i was lucky however, as i was able to re-knew my sisters magazine subscription something i have been trying to do for ages, but never actually got around to doing.

well i am going to go now and relax as no more college is a fantastic feeling, i now have time to read my books that i have been really hoping to read before uni in september if i get taken on.

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Adventurous Ammena said...

:( insha'Allah the uni is ok with it.. Im sure they will be, my uni asked for 20 points at A level, they accepted me with 12 ;)