Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ramadan is nearly here

Today I have begun looking at my recipes to begin making my breads and cakes that I usually make during ramadan the holy month that is nearly upon us. As muslims we look forward to this month with heart felt love of our religion. it is a great month to reflect on our lives and to take more time in reading and understanding the Quran and Sunnah. Remembering those that are also less fortunate than us and to be able to interpret this into a great charity and alhumdulillah to carry this on after ramadan has finished.

This year alhumdulillah it will all be in the school holidays so we are able to do a lot more as no early nights are needed so my boys can get up the next morning. I have ordered a good reading book called my ramadan diary and inshallah it help me to get a good timetable together so that we can use our time efficiently and in the evenings go out and see other muslims in other areas inshallah.

My first set of breads are called challah and they are big plait breads and my hubby and boys love them and i am also going to be doing small round breads caled anise bread and these are good for breakfast with harira in the early morning sehri.

we usually eat the challah for breaking of the fast with some home made soup and usually the main meal as they breaking of the fast this year will later, so we will have both close to gether.

i will post my finished food delights when they are complete, as for now i am looking through my books and i will also begin to enjoy doing some baking for my cakes and bikkies too.

well that is me for now and inshallah ill be back soon

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Adventurous Ammena said...

insha'Allah Im going to do more cooking this year.. not sure what hubby is expecting but I know for sure he wont be able to cope with what I usually eat during Ramadhan. I pray you enjoy the diary.. it starts from 6 weeks before Ramadhan but is useful at any time masha'Allah