Friday, 14 November 2008

westfield shopping centre

hi all

well went to the westfield shopping centre on the opening and day and i can honestly say it is absolutely massive lol.

we were there for just 2hours and we had only done 2 floors, but went back to the car as the parking fee is atrocious its £2 for first 2 hours and then £4 for the 2-3 etc. what daylight robbery is that as if they wont be getting the custom for the parking, the people in charge of the fees and car park area need to think more about the prices.

as for me i will be driving as far as hayes and then getting the 607 which stops right outside lol, cant be bothered rushing as you need more than 2 hours. will go on a sunday now and again, but mainly during the week as schools are not off as yet.

but i would inshallah like to go with my neighbor as she would love it and we could inshallah go and have a nice cuppa in the costa cafe, im just addicted to all things costa lol. starbucks is too commercial for me and the coffee is not as good. i mean you ask for a cappuccino and you get an enormous soup bowl of hot milk lol, not quite what i want, but i do enjoy their winter warmers such as the hot chocolates and lattes mmmmm, lots of cream please.

but for now i will stick with my homemade cappuccino as i have the breville coffee machine which makes them from normal coffee and mixes with the milk awesome i am now an expert on my hubby's machiato and my flovoured latte and cream.

well gonna go and rest as ive been cleaning all day and i have just sat down to write this and finish watching my columbo on itv3.

see you all soon inshallah
wa salam


Hajar said...


Stumbled upon your blog while I was going through a few of others. You have some interesting articles. :)


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