Saturday, 20 October 2007

homeshooling work

well i finally got some homestudy work for my son, or should i say a complete waste of time work. it is 4A sheets of paper with questions about what you do with a printer and how to make a poster about a pop group venue.

i mean come on please where is the english maths science geography etc. he is supposed to be doing spanish as one of his options and all i get are these pieces of paper with so called assignments on, by the way which my 10 year old has already done just before the summer term. so why are they in secondary school studying this kind of work.

so i am having to fork out for myself some good gsce work books which he will use and im gonna make a good timetable for him, so he can study a better indepth work and knowledge of what he needs.

ive taken his exercise books and i will continue from there, so i knwo basically where he is and what hes doing. his friends are also telling him what they are studying so thats an extra bonus for us, so he is up to date with his class and what they are studying at the moment.

well im now gonna go and find some descent books for him to read and to get on with after the half term, so it gives me a week to get things done so when schools go back he will be able to sit and study with a proper timetable.

he has to go to the school on a thursday and frinday morning from 9am till 10.45 am to get his worked marked and to ask any questions he may have. but hopefully this will not last too long as they will move hime to the new shcool soon. if they accept his reasons for wanting a mangaged move to another school.

well gonna go and you all go and have a great weekend.

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