Friday, 16 March 2012

Hubby and hijab

Well its been long enough that i have listened to my hubby about why i should not wear hijab, but its never anything concrete except youll find it hard to get a job, why now its a bit late etc. I have noticed than when i do wear hijab he cant look me straight in the face and it does upset me that i feel im compromising my beliefs and wants for his approval. I love my hubby dearly but feel i am not moving on in my islamic way of life as we have different mind sets. Inshallah i pray for him to say to me please wear the hijab, but i know this will never happen. I feel stuck in a rut and nowhere to turn, even my sons are asking him why and hubby wont even talk about it he just walks off or ignores us. Inshallah gonna take the hijab in ramadan and as its the holiest month, inshallah he will actually get used to seeing me everyday in it and want it as much as me and my sons.

Ok moan over :-) inshallah will write good news soon

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Adventurous Ammena said...

oooh exciting :) insha'Allah sis.. I will make duaa for you all :D Interesting isnt it that its the convert who wants to be 'oppressed' as they keep calling us.. yet its the born muslim who doesnt like it. Maybe its linked to his upbringing, they say women who covered as old, unapproachable.. as for the job.. Allahu alim, I was worried too and now Ive had 3 jobs in 2 countries in hijab masha'Allah.. Im here if you need me :D And remember, you both will be asked about this on the day of Judgement